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Alaska Process Servers

Efficient and dedicated process servers are vital to the legal support industry, and our Alaskan process servers are dedicated to providing superior service to our community. Our servers are screened and verified before joining ServeNow with the goal to provide reliable service.

Our servers work with a variety of clients, from law firms, businesses, pro se individuals, and landlords. They are experienced and licensed within Alaskan's court system to ensure lawful process service.

Alaska Rules and Regulations

Part of providing excellent process service is ensuring that legal papers are served within the restraints of the law. In Alaska, process servers must be licensed to properly serve documents, so be sure that you hire a licensed process server.

In addition to proper licensing, a professional Alaskan process server follow the guidelines in Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure. To ensure that your legal documents are served correctly and will be upheld in a court of law, be sure to find a trusted process server who is licensed and fully understand the law.

Our Process Service Advantage

Local process service is vital for Alaska. Our expansive state requires individuals who understand the landscape and how to travel to remote areas. From taking ferries in Southeast Alaska, and planes to the northern cities, our process servers understand the challenge of serving process in Alaska.

A local Alaska process server understands what they are up against concerning weather, restrictions, laws, and our community. Be sure that your process server is up for the job by looking for a server on ServeNow's trusted network.

Process Service Technology

Alongside Alaska's terrain and laws, process serving technology can make the difference in customer experience. We offer ServeManager, a process service software to enhance the customer experience as well as a process server's own routine and system. Ask your Alaskan process server is they use modern technology to send you automatic status updates and GPS tracked locations of where your papers were served.

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